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Goals of this website
This comparison website of Stichting Vluchtvertragingsclaimen (Foundation Flight Delay Claims) and the information placed thereon is exclusively intended as an aid for passengers, by providing insight into the differences between the claim companies. Passenger transparency and insight into the (differences between) claim companies are the goals of this website. It is up to the passengers themselves whether or not to use a claim company and in that case to opt for the desired claim company.

No guarantees
Stichting Vluchtvertragingslaimen makes every effort to provide full, correct and up-to-date information via this website, but Stichting Vluchtvertragingslaimen provides no guarantees with regard to the completeness, correctness and / or topicality of the information provided. Stichting Vluchtvertragingslaimen does not guarantee availability of this website and / or the information offered.

You indemnify Stichting Vluchtvertragingslaimen, all directly and indirectly involved (and future) (legal) persons, fully and unconditionally against all third-party claims, regardless of the type of claim and regardless of which third party, which are associated with or indirectly connected or can cohere with the use and / or consult this website and / or the information offered on this website. Under the indemnification of all (extra) legal steps or actions and / or costs and / or all otherwise unspecified costs or (legal) steps, any disadvantage and / or damage that third parties claim to have through your use and / or consultation of these website and / or the information offered on this website.

No liability
Consulting and / or using this website and / or the information provided on this website means that you accept that Stichting Vluchtvertragingslaimen is not or can not be held liable in any way whatsoever, for alleged direct or indirect damage or other disadvantage, regardless of whether or not any reason whatsoever. You also accept, when consulting and / or using this website and / or the information provided on this website, that references or appointments to third-party services, which are not part of Stichting Vluchtvertragingsclaimen, are not liable for Stichting Vluchtvertragingsclaimen. Whether or not availability of this full or partial website and / or the information and / or consultation and / or use offered on it does not constitute a liability of Stichting Vluchtvertragingslaimen, in consultation with and / or use of this website you agree with this.

Information from third party (s), products and services
Stichting Vluchtvertragingslaimen refers to products and / or services and / or information from / to third-party websites, with or without a hyperlink, this reference (s) is / are emphatically not advice; consultation and / or use of these third-party websites are entirely at your own risk and responsibility. Stichting Vluchtvertragingslaimen accepts no liability whatsoever for alleged damage, direct or indirect, or other disadvantage, whatsoever and for whatever reason, which would result from the consultation and / or use of this website and / or the information placed thereon. You agree with this when consulting and / or using this website and / or the information provided.

Intellectual property rights
Exploitation and / or publication and / or duplication and / or distribution of the information offered on this website is not permitted, in the absence of prior, explicit and written permission from Stichting Vluchtvertragingsclaimen or a third party, entitled party. Stichting Vluchtvertragingslaimen reserves all its rights, specifically all intellectual and industrial property rights. This includes signs, symbols, (brand) names, figurative marks, but is not limited to this, so also the same to be distinguished distinctive elements, these are from Stichting Vluchtvertragingsclaimen, only strictly except the logos of the compared and comparable claim companies.

Exclusively for the improvement of its website, Stichting Vluchtvertragingslaimen uses cookies.

Stichting Vluchtvertragingsclaimen reserves the right, in its sole discretion and regardless of the time, to make changes to this disclaimer and / or in the information offered on this website, without making any announcement and / or reporting this. Reason why it is wise to check for yourself whether changes have been made by Stichting Vluchtvertragingsclaimen.

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